Spring 2011 Direct Connect Newsletter

Ministry News and Information~Canada Pacific District

Pastoral Placements:

The Hope congregation voted unanimously to call Andrew Tarrant as their pastor. Andrew and Haley have moved to Hope and have begun their ministry. The Hope assignment is presently bi-vocational in nature and Andrew is actively seeking employment to supplement their income. We are thankful for the wonderful interim pastoral leadership offered by Tim and Kari Larson and are looking forward to good days ahead as Andrew and Haley give leadership to the ministry of our Hope congregation.

Recent Events:

Churches across the District reported uplifting Easter season services. Approximately 330 people from several of our Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley churches gathered at our Abbotsford Church site for the annual Good Friday service. Blair Fuergutz (Guildford) prepared and led the congregation in worship. Rev. Brian Postlewaite (Mission Possible) preached the message. Lunch was served following the service and a great time of fellowship was enjoyed.

Work and Witness Teams:


A Work and Witness team made up primarily of people from our Guildford and Betel churches just returned from Nicaragua on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 in the early morning hours.  They completed work on the church building and led a VBS program for approximately 80 children.

Dawson Creek

The Dawson Creek Project is a District Work and Witness that is being organized by members of the Guildford Church of the Nazarene. This trip is a little different than most trips that have been planned in the past for the following reason. The work and witness trip is taking place at a church within our own district with personnel coming from our own district vs traditional models where the team travels to another location outside their district or country.

August 1-13, 2011

Registration Deadline:
July 15, 2011 (go to the Canada Pacific District website www.pacnaz.ca for an application form)

Dawson Creek Church of the Nazarene

Team Leader:
Ernie Frers (Guildford Church of the Nazarene)

Ages Requirements:
17 years +

The assignment includes work on the church building roof, soffits, siding, etc. as well as children’s ministry programming, youth programming, worship services and a community barbeque. Your participation in prayer, finances and on site participation is invited.

Upcoming Events:

“Better Together” is our theme for the upcoming District Assembly and District NMI, SDMI and NYI Conventions which are being hosted by our Abbotsford congregation.

The dates are, as follows:

District Assembly

  • Thursday – June 23 (evening @ 7:30pm)
  • Friday – June 24 (begins @ 8:30am)
  • District Conventions (NMI, SDMI and NYI) Saturday – June 25 (begins @ 9:00am – includes an all day Children’s program).
  • Multi-Congregational Sunday Worship Service and BBQ – Sunday, June 26.

General Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Porter (Toni) will be leading us during our Assembly this year.

Dr. Tom Nees will be our featured guest speaker and workshop leader during our Conventions on Saturday. Promotional materials have been sent out across the district. Registration online will be available May 30, 2011 at the district website; www.pacnaz.ca. Additional information will be sent to the churches in the coming days.

You may recall that there were significant changes to our format and content last year. Our rationale for those changes was based upon several factors: we sensed it was time for significant change; the impetus for change came naturally from our leaders – across the board; the opportunity to pool resources on both the District and local level and the opportunity to utilize external personnel to greater effectiveness; the reduction of “output” (monetary, time, energy, resources); a strong and prevailing desire to include the NYI. All of these goals were realized in 2010 and with a resounding “yes” your district leaders and planning team have endorsed plans to continue the same approach for 2011.

The change in format started us off with a “buzz” of energy, anticipation and excitement as we approached the start of the Thursday evening service. That excitement and anticipation carried through right until the closing bbq lunch on Sunday afternoon. Words participants used to describe the Assembly/Conventions of 2010 were these:

exciting           renewing        challenging                fresh                strong unity of spirit

great fellowship         NYI presence was thrilling              inspiring         hopeful

Sunday am – great idea        spirit of cooperation      Children’s performance – so special

NYC (Nazarene Youth Congress) July 3-10, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky

More than 30 youth and leaders are attending from the Canada Pacific District. Hayley Tarrant is the coordinator for the Canada Pacific District team – please remember her in prayer as she leads this group on a life-changing adventure.

Summer Camps:

Our Camp Board is planning for a regular offering of summer camping programs for children, middle and senior teens as well as families as listed below:


Payment can be mailed in – see details on the website at www.pacnaz.ca/summercamps

The camp dates on Pender Island are:

  • Footloose Family Camp (no formal children’s programming)  //   July 8-11, 2011.
  • Beachcombers Children’s Camp ages 7-11  //  July 11-15, 2011.
  • Banyan Family Camp (children’s program)  //   July 15-18,2011
  • Castaways – Pre & Junior Teen Camp ages 11-14  //  July 18-23
  • (note change of location) Sr Hi Camp (at Squeah) ages 14-18  //  August 26-28

Our Camp Directors are as follows:

  • Bruce Wergeland/Ron McLeod (Footloose Family Camp);
  • Heather Johnson (Beachcombers);
  • Bruce Wergeland (Castaways);
  • Ron and Laura MacLeod (Banyan Family Camp);
  • Pat Wiens and Graham McMahon (Sr. Teen Camp).

Our Cooks are as follows:

  • Cynthia Wergeland Pender Island Camps
  • Peggy Wiens for Senior Teen camp at Camp Squeah.


Sandy Ardrey

Are extended to the family of Dr. Sandy Ardrey who passed away on May 3, 2011.  Don Ardrey wrote: “My father went to heaven. We are rejoicing in a very great homegoing. Funeral services were held in Fort Wayne, IN.”  Reverend Ardrey was a former DS on Canada West District.

Willard Airhart:

News has just reached us regarding the passing of Reverend Willard Airhart. Pastor Airhart served the Lord faithfully and was elected Pastor Emeritus at Hamilton First Church by Reverend Marc Reid and the Church Board. He was truly a kind and humble servant of the Lord. He died yesterday and was cremated this morning. A public memorial service will be held at Hamilton First Church on JULY 6th, 2011.  If you would like to send a greeting to Mrs. Dorothy Airhart her address is 2130 King Street East, Apartment 810, Hamilton, On, L8K 5W7.

Local Church News:

Abbotsford Nazarene’s Open Door Children’s Centre in the News:

Of the nearly 3,000 licensed programs in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, Open Door is one of only nine to receive a “perfect” rating from health authority inspectors. In order to determine how often a facility needs to be inspected, health authority inspectors grade each facility on six separate factors – deciding, in each category, which of five statements best reflects the facility being assessed. The result is a score out of 65. The higher the score, the more problems the facility has and the more visits inspectors will make.

A facility with a score of 29 or lower is usually rated “low,” meaning it receives just one inspection a year. Those with a score between 30 and 39 are rated “moderate,” meaning two inspections. And facilities with a score of 40 or more are rated “high,” meaning three or more inspections. Through the Freedom of Information Act, The Vancouver Sun obtained the inspection priority scores for all 3,000 licensed daycares as of fall 2010. The lowest possible score a facility can receive on the assessment is 13 — which is what Open Door received. Open Door operates four separate programs — a toddler daycare, preschool, kindergarten-age care and an after-school program for those up to age 12. “We have just under 100 children come through our doors every day,” said St. Jean. “It’s fun, never a dull moment.” Open Door is a community based program of the Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene.

Vancouver First Church News:

Aisling Zweigle has just written a song that has been professionally recorded and produced!! With the help of Joe Cruz, an outstanding musician, producer, and recent guitarist for Sarah Mchlachlan, the song is something Aisling would like to share with everyone and we would like to help her spread the news.  All proceeds go to build the playground, community garden, outdoor classroom and Community Hero peace place in their neighbourhood. The song can be previewed and is for sale at www.cruzmusic.com
If you are interested:
– preview the song at www.cruzmusic.com,
– buy the downloadable MP3 or order a CD with me via email
– share the song with your family and friends
Every dollar raised is matched!

Vancouver First Hosts Forge aXiom Training:

On Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27 Vancouver First is hosting a training session presented by Forge aXiom. The registration page is noted below and you can follow the link to register if you are interested.  If you would like more information please contact Rev. Grant Zweigle at revgrant@telus.net


District Youth News:

NYI President Calvin Black writes:

This year we are again attending Historymaker as a District and then having our Convention in Abbotsford in June.  Instead of combining our Spring Retreat with Convention we are moving our Convention business to our District Assembly/Convention.  This means that all of our youth are invited to attend Historymaker next weekend in Abbotsford, and then youth delegates from your church will be sent to District Assembly for the last weekend of June.  Below are a few details concerning these events:


This year’s conference will be held May 20-22, 2011 at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre. The theme is “STAND” and features Lincoln Brewster, Phil Dooley, and Downhere.  We will be attending the first session Friday night and then sleeping at Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene.

District Convention

This year we will have our NYI Convention during District Assembly/Conventions, Friday and Saturday June 24-25 at the Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene.  We would like to encourage you to send delegates from your youth group or young adults group to this Convention.   It will be focused on attending the Assembly/Conventions and our NYI business, so it is different than a youth weekend like we have done in the past.  Delegates that are sent to the Missions and Sunday School Conventions are voted for at your local church’s Annual General Meeting.  We would like you to nominate some of your youth to be voted on at your local AGM and sent on behalf of your church to represent your youth at the Convention.  Delegates should have expenses and accommodations covered by your local church.  If you have any questions about this please contact me at calvinblack@pacificcoast.net

Some Old News From – “NYI Life Between The Trees”

Gary Nawrocki (Pastor, Nanaimo) was looking at photos Dell Wergeland sent from the Compassionate Ministries Warehouse in regards to a shipment to Sierra Leon in Africa. He noted this baby walker (pictured) being carried in off the truck and remembered it as the one that Erica Johnson (Guildford youth) wrapped when working at the warehouse during the Youth: “Life Between the Trees” Weekend. 

Ambrose Hosts:

Nazarene Student Leadership Conference

Ambrose University College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, hosted the 2011 Nazarene Student Leadership Conference called Altitude April 7-9, with over 130 student and staff delegates from ten Church of the Nazarene colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

Ambrose Professor Dr. Bill McAlpine delivered a challenging message during the opening banquet on Thursday, April 7, amidst a flurry of entertainment and laughter, followed by an entertaining, yet competitive, dodge ball tournament.  Saturday, April 9, was packed with workshops intended to sharpen the skills and development of student leaders.  The college and university chaplains joined the NSLC gathering this year, as well as student development staff responsible for residential living and community life.

A special excursion day was arranged for Friday where delegates participated in a number of mountain activities in Banff including a Gondola ride, hiking, site-seeing, shopping, and the hot springs.  Delegates were amazed at the beauty of the rugged mountain scenery.  Some, accustomed to warmer climates, were simply amazed by the fresh snow!

“Building relationships with student leaders from other Nazarene schools is a high priority for NSLC participants,” commented Education Commissioner LeBron Fairbanks.  He continued, “The conference also provides an opportunity for chief student development officers to discuss issues of common interest and mutual concern.”

Wally Rude, VP for Student Life concluded, “This was a tremendous opportunity for Ambrose to help serve the student leadership development needs of Nazarene institutions of higher education across the US and Canada. We received positive feedback from many of the delegates for a well-organized and meaningful conference. One that will be remembered for years to come.”

Finishing Well Seniors’ Retreat

265 seniors registered for the Finishing Well Seniors Retreat this past week on the campus of Ambrose University College.  People came from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and several from as far away as Ontario.

Participants heard outstanding messages from Dr. Charles Price, Pastor of Peoples Church in Toronto, and Dr. Sean Campbell, Executive Director of The Lotus Group.  Sean has served previously as the Executive Director of Samaritan’s Purse in Canada and as Senior Vice President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Organization.  Workshops were presented on a wide range of subjects, including Global Missions, Spiritual Disciplines, Religion in Canada, Coping with Loss, Ministering to the Next Generation, Islam in the 21st Century, Surprising Hurdles to Holiness, and Planned Giving.

“The purpose of this retreat was to pay honour to people who have been faithful to Christ in their local churches for years – and generations, and to provide an opportunity to come together for inspiration and fellowship,” according to Retreat Director, Dr. Riley Coulter.  “God truly met with us and inspired our hearts and our imaginations.”

The Plenary messages by Dr. Price and Dr. Campbell will be available on the Ambrose Website within the next few days.