Curitiba, Brazil Missions Trip

Meet Jeise Ebert and her dad, Claudio, from Curitiba, Brazil. Jeise teaches English while attending university in Curitiba and Claudio is the Senior Pastor of an Evangelcal Free Church. Jeise volunteered at the Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene for a year in 2006/2007 as a youth staff while she was working at an elementary school on an exchange program with MCC. Towards the end of her time in Canada, she shared with us her dream to have a team of Canadian youth come to Brazil to join her and her Father in minstering to those in need within their city. This missions trip to Brazil is the fulfillment of that dream!

We worked with Jeise for 6 months to come up with a missions trip that will bless the people of Curitiba and with her leadership we have done just that! For the first four days in the city we will tour Curitiba and Jeise will provide us with cultural, language and safety training to make sure we serve the people of Curitiba the best we can. For the rest of our time in Brazil we’ll minister to young people at a drug and alcohol rehab venter, teach English to igh school students at a camp, work in an orphanage with children, help paint a church, and build relationships with the people and youth of Jeise’s church.


We will depart from Seattle on Saturday, July 18th 2009, land in Curitiba on the 19th, be on the ground for 15 days, fly out of Curitiba on Sunday, August 2nd and arrive in Seattle on the 3rd.

The estimated cost for this trip is $2500 CDN. This includes airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, food, ground activities, projects, travel insurance, t-shirt, and visa costs. Not included in the pirce are passport costs, vaccinations, and $50 to$100 USD in spending money.

We will be renting tour buses from a Christian owned company the entire time we will be in Brazil. Jeise and her family know the owners personally.

We will be staying in “Lar Beania”, a very nice, very clean, Christian run (also personally known by Jeise and her family) dormitory style hotel. It is within a few kilometers of the Evangelical Free Church that Claudio pastors.

Jeise will be with us from the time we step off the plane in Curitiba until the time we head home. She is also arranging for several other adult leaders who speak fluent English to act as translators and guides.


Participants must be in at least grade 9 in the 2008/2009 school year in order to come. We also want to see young adults, parents, and grandparents come too!

Click on the download button to download the registration forms.

You must have your registration form and $200 deposit (make checks payable to “CPDNYI”) sent to the Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene, 2390 McMillan Rd. Abbotsford, BC V2S 7R3. The registration and deposit deadline is July 31, 2008.

Give your monthly payments to your local church (checks should be make payable to your loacal church) at the beginning of each month and they will send one check made payable to “CPDNYI” for all of the participants from your church to the Abbotsford Church of the Nazarene by the end of that week.