A Message from your Web Team

Welcome to the new virtual home of the Canada Pacific District Church of the Nazarene. We are designing it to be the District Centre, a destination, a place to visit and hang out. It is our dream that the District Centre will be a hub of activity and a source through which ministry is seen and understood, strengthened, developed and enhanced.

The Centre will foster a spirit of unity and community across our vast geographical district. It will be experiential and
inclusive in nature as we develop and progress towards incorporating all of the various district ministries and local church histories into the Centre. The District Centre will also be a place where the needs of our District community are known and where the collective body can respond to those needs.

It’s just the beginning

We’re going to “do stuff” here and lots of it. What you see today is just the beginning and you can be as involved as you
like. Think of it as a place to be together, from Whitehorse to Surrey and from Port Alberni to Penticton. We will be open 24/7/365 and you can connect across the District without leaving your home. We are so excited about this project that the ideas for expanding and developing the site just keep coming. What’s so great about this new ministry tool is that you can help to shape and form its development. Check out the “Contact Us” button to contribute your ideas and thoughts.

Register for Summer Camp

The areas that have been developed so far include contact information, event details, news and complete information on all summer camps including registration and payment processing and a photo album section that will grow as you upload your ministry program photos. The next significant stage of development will be a Pastor’s/Pastoral Staff login section that will be designed as a practical resource tool. It will include a broad range of material from orientation support for new pastors, to the legal obligations of the local church to various government agencies, and all sorts of information inbetween. A real tool for real needs.

Easy to Navigate

The Centre is easy to navigate and you can easily identify your options. Right now, today, you can submit ministry stories and community news to the District Centre. As we progress forward we will have a message board, a place for prayer requests, a Q and A section, perhaps a place to share your thoughts and comments blog style, and maybe even a podcast or two from time to time. Further on, we might even design a section of the site to address issues of social concern as there are so many at our doorsteps. For example, you would probably be surprised to know how many of our local churches are deeply involved in caring for those who struggle with basic human survival needs. Perhaps we will establish our own sort of ‘writer’s guild’ for those who like to try their hand at writing. How about a place called; “Share and Spark” where you can share real and very practical ministry ideas that have worked for you. Ideas that might just spark and encourage others to courageously move forward to initiate new ministry that God has been prompting them to consider.

Share Your Church History

As well, we want to develop a place to record the living history of your local church – a place where you can contribute the story of how your local church began or contribute your personal historical story of involvement. Maybe some of you can interview those who aren’t familiar with or have access to the internet and tell their story of involvement and knowledge of their church roots. We desire to offer a forum whereby we can preserve the history of our district in a new and unique way.

Special Thanks

We wish to thank the District Advisory Board for embracing the District Centre as a visionary concept. They see the value and need for a virtual District Centre and they have shown their wisdom by ensuring the funding of this project. They have recognized the emerging value and potential of creating a very real, although in a virtual format, district community.

Special thanks to our most excellent Website Designer, Hayley Tarrant, who incidentally will help you with design if you are interested, and Don Johnson, our Forms Guru, for their involvement and their willingness to share their great talent in this new venture.

So now that you know what’s up it is your turn to get involved. We need you to EMAIL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY
AND YOUR CHURCH COMMUNITY and let people know about the new District Centre. Be proud, be bold and PASS IT ON.

Lorna Bartram

Project Leader