Life Between the Trees

  • In the Beginning and End of the Bible are stories about the Tree of Life.

    In the Beginning and End of the Bible are stories about the Tree of Life. In Genesis, Adam and Eve take fruit from the tree of knowledge, disobeying God and ushering humanity into our present state: sinful, disobedient, and longing for our broken relationship with God to be restored. In Revelation that restoration is described as a river of life and growing on its banks is the tree of life. At the end of time, there will be vitality, fruitfulness, and healing; it is a restoration of fallen creation that God will make whole again.

    Life between the trees is where we are now. What do we do in this in between time while we struggle with our sinfulness and long for restoration? We believe God has revealed his truth and already begun to restore us into his image. We believe that we can join him in the restoration and recreation of what is broken. We believe that He has called us to serve, to worship, to relate, to live between the trees. This weekend focuses on our broken world, exposes us to ways we can make a difference, and challenges us to open our eyes to the needs around us.

LBTT November 7-9, 2015

  • We will be meeting at Legacy Nazarene Church Friday night November 7th, 2014.
  • We will leave Legacy on Sunday, November 9th, at 1pm.
  • We are working on billets but you may need to bring a pillow, sleeping bag, air mattress, a towel, and your toiletries.
  • The cost for this retreat is $40 (please bring one cheque per youth group made out to “CPDNYI”. Transportation costs like ferry and gas not included.
  • You will need additional money for meals on the way and a meal Saturday night at McDonald’s. Snack will be provided Friday night and a Lunch will be provided on Sunday.
  • You will need to bring work clothes for Saturday’s projects.
  • We MUST inform Legacy Nazarene of our numbers by Sunday Nov.2 – your registration form and $40 MUST be in (to your youth leader) by that day!

Other questions and concerns email:

For the latest info on Life Between the Trees check our CPDNYI facebook group at:

In case of an emergency the Legacy Church of the Nazarene phone is: (604) 589-4670 or call 250-888-3536 (Calvin Black district youth president).

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All students who have applied for NYC need to come to LBTT for their interviews.