Ministry News and Information~Canada Pacific District Pastoral Placements: Hope – The District Superintendent, in consultation with the Hope leadership team appointed Tim and Kari Larson as interim pastor of our Hope congregation. Tim and Kari have been lay leaders in our Hope congregation for several years. They were among those who joined the church as […]

  • News from Whitehorse – Megan Polowski Honoured….

    The Whitehorse Church of the Nazarene celebrated five years of youth ministry on Sunday, August 15. Pastor Norm Hajian reports: “Megan Polowski is a graduate of Nazarene University College (now Ambrose).  While a student at NUC she spent two summers in the Yukon, working in our daycare, leading our VBS and falling in love with […]

  • Direct Connect Newsletter #4

    District Assembly: The District Assembly and Conventions held at our Guildford Church in Surrey were very well attended by people from our churches across our district. The people of our district are indeed grateful to host Pastor Robert Gray, the Guildford pastoral staff, the church board and the many volunteers led by the local planning […]

  • Kidz Camp Psalms

    by Heather Johnson Praise the Lord. A week before camp the registration was 53 campers – the day of camp 90 kids registered for camp! His love never quits. Praise the Lord. The kitchen was short workers. I had no one. Got news Sunday another worker couldn’t come. Monday afternoon off the bus was 3 […]

  • Peanut Free Policy at Camp

    The purpose of this post is to confirm the existence of a food preparation protocol regarding peanut. Please note that we are adhering to a Peanut Free policy. Peanut allergies, as you know can, in the worst case scenario be life threatening and we are taking any and all precautions to care for the safety […]

  • Direct Connect Newsletter #3

    Ministry News and Information~Canada Pacific District
    From District Superintendent, Rev. Earl Wood February 8, 2010

    Pastor Doreen Greenwood:
    Doreen reports that the chemotherapy treatments she has been receiving have been deemed by her physicians to be unsuccessful and that the cancer continues to grow. The medical team under whose care she is receiving treatment has decided to attempt another type of chemo. A new regimen of treatment is scheduled. Doreen continues to live in hope and peace.

  • Direct Connect Newsletter #2

    Ministry News and Information~Canada Pacific District
    From District Superintendent, Rev. Earl Wood
    December 2009

    Pastor Doreen Greenwood has begun receiving chemotherapy in an attempt to shrink and slow the growth of the cancerous tumours she is suffering from. Pastor Doreen travels to Dawson Creek (200 kilometres round trip) five days per week to receive treatment.

  • Direct Connect Newsletter #1

    Ministry News and Information ~ Canada Pacific District

    From District Superintendent, Rev. Earl Wood

    October 30, 2009

    Pastor Doreen Greenwood reports that recent biopsy results have indicated the presence of cancerous growths which her Doctors tell her are inoperable. Doreen plans to travel to Edmonton this week for a related surgical procedure and will need to make a decision soon regarding whether or not to submit to chemotherapy. She remains very positive and speaks of an inner peace and quiet confidence that she knows is God’s gift to her at this difficult time. Please keep Pastor Doreen in your prayers.

  • Riley Coulter WAS INVITED

    There are few things more helpful and encouraging than considering and discussing the nature and purposes of God in the lives of His followers. When we considered His call to holiness and His purpose to make us Christ-like disciples, and the provision to fulfill this call and purpose through the power of His Sanctifying Spirit, […]

  • Kadee Smedley WAS INVITED!

    The Pro-D Days were a wonderful opportunity to dig deeply into Scripture with other pastors, consider vital theological questions and reflect, with humility, on how well we are teaching Scriptural truth to the people in our congregations. What a wonderful gift! Rev. Kadee Smedley, Associate Vancouver First Church of the Nazarene

  • David Maldonado WAS INVITED

    When I found out that the topic for the Pro-D Days was going to be about the Doctrine of Holiness, I could not wait to get to Abbotsford. To my surprise, the experience has touched my life in a new and exciting way. Professor Quanstrom, was so clear, informed and talked with such conviction, that my understanding of our own church denomination was ‘enlightened’.

  • Gary Bennett WAS INVITED!

    These past couple of days at the Pastors’ Pro-D conference have been so much more than an “event” for me. It has been more of an “awakening”. I certainly have a heightened appreciation for God’s Word and theological reflection. But more importantly God used the ministry of Mark Quanstrom to revive my spirit and to […]